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Cancer Cure Malaysia is providing the info about the Natural Cancer Care in Malaysia and introducing few natural extracted products to gain the high immunity to the cancers for cancer patients and also cancer prevention for non-cancer people.

The natural products recommended are founded and marketed by the joint venture of company between Asian Phytoceuticals Public Co (APCO) and Esabee (SAB). We are proud to be part of these company as the sale representative.

Esabee is one of the fast growing independent trading supply companies, it was founded since 2008. In the first year alone, the turnover is approaching USD10milion. With the nutritional discoveries of MicroAlgae and the top quality ingredients from all over the world, Esabee manufactured it products in Malaysia with the GMP guidelines compliance. This is to make sure the products are delivered with premium quality and reasonable cost.

Microalgae are not the strange to the world as it is existed a few billion years ago. With the power of Microalgae, Esabee had the vision to bring the man-on-the-street to have SIMPLE, ACTION ORIENTED, BALANCE life-improving opportunities.

Asian Phytoceuticals Public co (APCO) is the listed company in Thailand Market since 2011 with the revenue approaching USD10 million. APCO had the child company named as Th17 Global; it had done the multi-disciplinary research at the Thai Mangosteen R&D center in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The Products founded are named as Th17 capsule and Th17 Balance.

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