Breast cancer is considered to be a type of cancer that develops from a woman’s breast cells. In most cases, it starts in the inner lining of lobules or milk ducts that produce milk after giving birth. As with other kinds of cancer, a malignant tumor can quickly spread to different parts of the body. If a breast cancer starts in the lobules, it’s called lobular carcinoma. On the other hand, if it develops in the milk ducts, it’s called ductal carcinoma.

When it comes to breast cancer in Malaysia, a lot of women suffer from this dreadful disease. According to healthcare experts, breast cancer is considered to be the most common kind of invasive cancer in women around the world. Due to this, authorities in Malaysia have been trying hard to generate awareness about this disease.

As compared to developing countries, breast cancer rates are higher in developed countries. There are many reasons for this trend. Life expectancy is considered to be one of the most important factors. Since breast cancer is more common in elderlies, women living in developed countries live longer to experience this problem. Eating habits and different lifestyles of women in poor and rich countries are other contributory factors.

Common Signs and Symptoms

It’s important to understand that the symptoms of breast cancer in Malaysia are only experienced by the patient. Doctors may describe initial symptoms as normal pain or headache. A common visible sign of breast cancer in some women is swelling or rash.

One of the initial symptoms of breast cancer is an area of thickened tissue in the patient. This is also called a lump. It’s worth mentioning that most lumps aren’t cancerous. However, every woman should get herself checked by a medical professional on a regular basis.

Invasive Breast Cancer

According to healthcare experts, cancer cells originate from the ducts or lobules to invade the nearby tissue. This kind of cancer leads to the abnormal cells reaching the lymph nodes and making way to the organs, including lungs, liver or bones.

It’s worth mentioning that abnormal cells can travel through the patient’s bloodstream or lymphatic system to various parts of the body. This may happens in the initial or later stages of the disease.

Non-invasive Breast Cancer 

In this type of cancer, the tumor is inside the place of origin. Thus, it hasn’t broken out yet. In most cases, lobular carcinoma in situ occurs with the cancer inside the lobules. Similarly, ductal carcinoma in situ occurs with the cancer inside the milk ducts. In situ means in the original place.

In certain cases, such kind of breast cancer in Malaysia is called pre-cancerous. In simple terms, this means abnormal cells haven’t spread outside the place of origin. However, they can develop into invasive cancer over time.


When it comes to the patient’s treatment, a multidisciplinary team is actively involved. Such a team may comprise of a radiologist, oncologist, specialist nurse, specialist cancer surgeon, radiographer, pathologist and reconstructive surgeon. In most cases, surgery is the primary method of treatment. However, medical professionals may also focus on some alternate therapies.