Patient:  Mr. Wong Hooi Sooi (Malaysian)

Gender:  Male

Age: 66    Date of Initial

Contact:  January, 2009

Symptoms Presented:  Cancer of the nasopharynx

In 1994, Mr. Wong had an operation and laser treatment, but there was no improvement. His CEA index went up to 50 ng/ml. (Normal Range: 0-5 ng/ml) In 1995, Mr. Wong went to Singapore for treatment.  His CEA fell to 1.8 ng/ml, but went up again two months later.  He suffered from flu symptoms and pain throughout his body. By 2005, cancer had spread to his lung, lymph nodes, and bones. After more treatments, his CEA did not drop and remained 18 ng/ml. He was prone to catching cold symptoms almost every day. Near the beginning of 2009, Mr. Wong started Th Balance Mangosteen Juice which he purchased in Singapore; he started drinking one or two bottles a day.

In February 2009, after visiting the APCO office in Bangkok, Dr. Pichaet advised him to begin the Th17 Capsules – six per day (two in the morning, two at lunch, and two in the evening.  He also took two bottles of Th Balance Mangosteen Juice per day.

After taking these products, Mr. Wong did not experience any side effects, pain, or cold symptoms. The PET scan did not show any sign of cancer. His CEA dropped to 3.8 ng/ml within two months. – Within four months:  CEA fell further to 1.9 ng/ml and, within six months, to 1.2 ng/ml

Mr. Wong continues to use the Th17 Regimen and remains in good health today (November 2012).