Patient:  Mr. Chirakitti Thangkath

Gender:  Male

Age: 68

Date of Initial Contact: December 2008

Symptoms Presented:  Liver Cancer

For most of his life, Khun Chirakitti had generally enjoyed good health, but toward the end of 2008, he felt a general malaise, that may have been brought on by over-consumption of alcohol.  In December 2008, he went for his annual check-up and learned that there were problems in his liver.  His AFP reading was 129 ng/ml (Normal range: 0-10 ng/ml).  He took ultrasound and MRI tests, which revealed liver cancer.  During an operation in Bangkok, doctors removed from his liver a cancerous lump measuring 2.4 x 1.8 x 3 cm.  There remained several small lumps in his liver.

April 2009, Dr. Pichaet advised him about the Th17 Regimen of products (Th Balance Mangosteen Juice in the morning and nine Th17 Capsules per day – three at lunch, three at dinner, and three at bedtime).

  •  Within days of starting the Th17 Regimen, he started to feel stronger and his weight began to increase.  He took an MRI every three months and there were no signs that the cancer was increasing in size or spreading.
  •  January – April 2009. He continued to regain weight and returned to nearly perfect health.  No more small lumps were observed in X-rays.
  • April 2011.  After taking the Th17 Regimen for 24 months, his AFP reading had fallen to less than 1ng/ml.
  • August 2011.  His fifth CT Scan detected no dark spots in the liver.

By the time of Operation BIM’s press conference in Bangkok on 6 August 2012, which Khun Chirakitti attended, he had been using the Th17 Regimen for 40 months,  He continues to use the Th17 Regimen and remains in good health today (November 2012).