Patient: Ms. Supatsara Aimek

Gender: Female

Age: 49

Date of Initial Contact: 1 May 2011

Symptoms Presented: Lymphoma Cancer, which had spread to the bones in her legs.

Ms Supatsara was diagnosed with 4th stage lymphoma cancer; this result was confirmed by ‘Diffuse large B cell lymphoma IV a’ test. There followed eight courses of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the cancer had spread to her right leg bone, resulting in a fracture. X-rays found a black spot in the skull and a lump in the kidney, which disappeared after the chemotherapy course.  A metal plate was inserted in her right leg during an operation; this was followed by radiation. The result was not turning out well, since new bone was not growing and a bone gap resulted.  A second operation and bone graft then needed to be done, but did not succeed. The patient was faced with weight loss, felt exhausted, and had pain in her legs.  Her doctor’s opinions were: 1) The likelihood of cancer recurrence was 50%.   2) A third operation was considered, so that a cement-like material could fill the bone gap.

Th17 Capsules – Four capsules / day. Two capsules in the morning and evening, together with one sachet of Th Balance Mangosteen Juice.  She also followed a food detoxification program and meditation.

  • After the first two weeks, her skin conditions were better; she felt no fatigue and slept well.
  • After three months, the X-rays showed bone re-growth. She increased Th17 Capsule consumption to six capsules / day (two capsules in the morning, two at dinner and two before bed time); in addition, she took one sachet of Th Balance Mangosteen Juice each morning.
  • After six months, the X-rays result showed more bone re-growth.
  • After 12 months (15 May 2012), the X-rays showed that her right leg had returned to normal, with no gap in the right leg bone. It was recommended that she should have an annual check-up. She gained three more kilograms, and her leg pain was reduced, although there was periodic pain where the metal plate had been inserted. Her walking condition was almost normal. A test result of LDH (Lactate Dehydrogenease) was 300-320 U/L (normal rate is 230-460 U/L)

She continues to improve and is today a very active Asian Life member, sharing her personal story and helping people to improve their quality of life.