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Since 1994, Mr. Wong has suffered from nasopharynx cancer and it has spread to his lung, lymph nodes and bones. Despite undergoing surgery and treatments, his CEA reading remained at 18 ng/ml with no response to the treatments. In 2009, after taking the regimen for 6 months, his CEA finally fell to 1.2 ng/ml. His PET scan did not show any sign of cancer and today, he remains cancer-free and in good health.

Mr Wong Hooi Sooi – 66 yrs old

Stage 4 Nasopharnyx Lung & Bone Cancer

Liver Cancer Survivor


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He had liver cancer and had his cancer lump removed in December 2008, After he started taking Th17 Regimen in 2009, he became stronger and his weight began to increase. He continued using the regimen and his condition improved. By 2011, his AFP reading fell to less than 1 ng/ml. His CT scan detected no before dark spots in the liver.

Mr. Chirakitti Thangkath – 68 years old

Stage 4 Liver Cancer

Prostate Cancer Survivor

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He discovered he had prostate cancer in 2011. After undergoing surgery and radiation treatment, his body was completely numb. Fifteen days after taking Th17 Regimen, he was able to move the upper part of his body. By May 2012, his PSA had fallen to 0.75 ng/ml and he began to have a normal daily life again.

Mr. Suthep Wanthong – 62 years old

Stage 4 Prostate, Spine and Bone Cancers

Lymphoma Cancer Survivor

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She was diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma cancer in 2011. The cancer had spread to her right leg bone. It resulted in a fracture. With the help of Th17 Regimen, her skin condition improved in 2 weeks. Bone re-growth occurred after 3 months. After 12 months, X-rays showed the fracture in her right leg had healed fully.

Ms. Supatsara Aimek – 49 years old

Stage 4 Lymphoma and Bone Cancer